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LiTang is a promising young network cable, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable  manufacture in the solution of signal transmission and safety solutions for industrial and enterprise cables. We have always been cautious and conscientious to our business development and strive for excellence in our products. It is under such highest standards that Li Tang clients can rely on and trust our products, so that LiTang's products can perform excellently and have a long life. Clients know that we, LiTang, have been creating irreplaceable value and continuous service for them.

Relatively Leading The Way In The Network Cable Manufacturer

The world has shortened the distance of links because of the cables. With these links, more LiTang cables have been sold all over the world, which is building a network bridge for people to interchange and communicate.

However, everything has two sides, this kind of link is also a double-edged sword.With the more and more complexity,and the more and more difficult  problem, therefore, LiTang gathered a group of very outstanding talents, worked tirelessly and forged ahead courageously, always adhering to the requirements of excellent manufacturing and the highest standards, and always maintaining an innovative mind to ensure a place in the fierce market without being fallen down. LiTang is constantly recognized by clients for our excellent service, high-quality products and constant vigilance, which makes us feel extremely proud and honored.

How we work together

LiTang is an efficient, young customer value-oriented company, committed to the continuous innovation, creation and updating of products, so that clients can get the highest value.

LiTang team, smart, innovative, stable, excellence, as a group, we make unremitting efforts to provide high-quality network cables and solutions to customers' problems, and strive to improve the popularity of LiTang Brand. Let the world use the network cable made by LiTang.

Across our production process, we apply ISO quality management processes and practices to strictly manage all aspects of production to ensure that the quality of the network cable we produce is the best, and that the production equipment is constantly updated and iteratively improved to keep up with the pace of world-class enterprises.

Our pursuit of excellent product ensures that we focus on product quality and customer feedback, and constantly improve ourselves to provide satisfactory answers to our friends, our employees and all our clients. No matter in the past, now or in the future, Li Tang will continue to make continuous efforts in high-end technology and product development, manufacturing and system integration services in the field of optical communication network and smart grid, firmly believing that the right efforts will be rewarded.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Why-Buy-From-LiTangCustomers approve our cable in good quality, accept Litang brand, and they have gained greater value.

    Our clients purchase network cable from LiTang because our product quality and communication cable solutions are approved and accepted by them. They like to cooperate with us because our first priority is to gain their trust by creating value for our clients and keeping their promises. We will provide more product portfolio solutions in the future, click to contact us.

  • Why-Work-For-LiTangIt's a warm, homey place to work. It's great.

    Our employees like LiTang's enterprise culture and work in LiTang, because LiTang is like home, and our employees are like brothers and sisters, and we invest, train ambitious workers in ISO quality management system,in production operation process, etc., and hire them with high salary and promote them internally according to their performance. LiTang has dedicated and loyal employees, and the turnover rate is very low in the same industry.

    LiTang provides more opportunities for talented employees to grow while working, they have a high salary and LiTang's high expectations, and continue to enable them to achieve personal and career development quickly, so that they can live a better life. Our employees are energetic because of the challenge, and continue to improve and innovate, so that the better quality of LiTang network cables is sold to each place of the world, so that LiTang's brand shines all over the world. LiTang's harmonious working atmosphere makes employees less bored and more happy and satisfied.

    Working in LiTang will achieve your career planning goals. We are not only a very harmonious workplace, but also a responsible enterprise.

  • Why-Become-A-DistributorValue For Distributor.

    LiTang had implemented brand strategy for several years, in foreign countries, our guests accept LiTang brand because of our professional cable production technology and excellence cable quality, however, there is a long way to move forward for the brand. LiTang promotes the strategic priorities around three principles to creates value for the Distributor: LiTang's professional and technical strength, fast delivery ability and competitive price. We manage our product portfolio, brands and business processes scientifically, so that our Distributor can quickly occupy the local attractive market.

    LiTang is about to build another cable factory in Pakistan, which can quickly provide faster and more convenient production services to countries such as the Middle East and Africa. In the future, LiTang will change from a cable company to a communications solution provider, providing more products related to communication equipment, such as Cabinets,Modules Patch Panels,Face Panels and so on. We finally provide our Distributor with the best quality cable product portfolio.

    With the development of 5G and the increasing market demand for intelligent building, industrial mechanization, high-speed Internet etc, LiTang has made long-term planning and preparation for our Distributor.

    Visit More Details. 

Care For Employees

As we know, employees are the ‘blood’ of the development of the enterprise and the key factor for the success of the company. LiTang provides employees with a good working environment and comfortable accommodation.

LiTang formulates a series of development plans for employees, provides necessary resources for employees' career planning and family development, and focuses on the issues that employees are most concerned about, so that employees can experience the warmth of the company as home.

In addition, LiTang provides more development opportunities for employees, also set up his own public welfare fund to cultivate the correct values for employees to contribute to society.

About Public Welfare Activity, We Are Doing:

Litang provids children in poor rural areas in western China with the resources they need. This time in Linzhou County, Tibet, LiTang provided 500 schoolbags for 500 poor students so that they could use new schoolbags to better focus on their studies and contribute more to society in the future.

LiTang regularly goes to the nursing home to visit the elderly, and gives some gifts to the elderly. Giving back to the society is also the original intention of LiTang's founding, which can be taken from the people and used by the people.

LiTang sets up a special public welfare fund and support key disaster relief efforts through the Red Cross.

Litang carries out employment strategic cooperation with colleges and universities to train young talents, which also try our best to solve some employment problems and problems in colleges and universities.

Our Values

Clients approved our hard work

We keep our loyal service,our commitment to our clients. We require the high product quality for our clients, and we bring the high value to our clients.


We work hard to win

We strive to do our best and are responsible for our products. We have an advantage over most of our Chinese competitors. We have created extraordinary value for our clients and Distributors.

Continue to improve our production process

We constantly improve the cables production process.We improve quality, delivery time and reduce costs. We avoided the waste of all the processes.

We pursue excellence

We use EPR production system and ISO quality management system. We keep developing. We keep pushing through the old and bringing forth the new. We look for the solution to the problems.

LiTang team, succeed together

Li Tang accepted any good advice from the team and we learned from each other. We value understanding and tolerance and embrace different solutions. We reject any differences in the team that are not good for the team.

Our investment in talent

We attract and retain the best employees. We pay our employees high salaries. We develop all our staffs in all aspects and promote them from within.


LiTang Talent Training

LiTang trains all employees in the production process and product performance of network cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable. And we carry out operators regular safety production training, fire training, quality management safety training and another training.We take talent training as an important measure for LiTang to pay attention to employee development opportunities and career development, reflect our corporate culture and commitment to our employees.

LiTang, as a new star of cable brand, is constantly approved and accepted by the market and customers. This dynamic company never makes its employees feel bored or dull. We work happily and innovate constantly, keep pace with the top Ethernet cable factories in the world.





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