Telecommunications Operators Data Centre Application Case
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Telecommunications Operators Data Centre Application Case

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Customer Background

The total construction area of the project is about 9444 square meters, with a total of 2361 cabinets, with single and double row closed cold channels in layout, and cabinet-level water cooling in refrigeration.

Customer requirements:

1. Power supply should be adequate, dual-city power input plus battery backup power and diesel generator.

2. Cabinet-level water cooling is adopted in refrigeration.

3. There is a high requirement for the safety of the computer room, which requires the establishment of access control and detection and alarm mechanism, as well as the function of emergency disposal.

4. With the continuous increase of the amount of information, the computer room is required to have the capacity of expansion, and the process of capacity expansion is simple and convenient.

5. the project is in a hurry, and the online time is tight, so timely delivery and rapid deployment are required.

Implementation Situation

The project uses dual-city power input plus battery standby time of 30 minutes and diesel generator to ensure adequate power supply and uninterrupted operation of the equipment. Cabinet-level water cooling is adopted in refrigeration. The cabinet is placed in a "face-to-face, back-to-back" way, and the whole cabinet is built in modular groups, arranged and expanded. It adopts full-disassembly and full-module design, which is convenient for transportation and flexible installation. Each channel is equipped with an one-way card access control, non-staff can not enter; at the same time, the access control information is uploaded to the intelligent management platform in real time to record the personnel information. At the same time, each channel is equipped with a camera, which can view the internal situation in real time.

The project adopts 2N architecture UPS power supply system to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system. The cabinet-level water cooling scheme uses CDU to separate the computer room, the water entering the air conditioning terminal decompresses first and then enters the air conditioning terminal, and the application of leak detection equipment and other ways to help customers solve the worry of water entering the computer room.

Modular integrated delivery eliminates the engineering differences of the traditional construction mode and ensures the quality of the computer room. The modular configuration makes the later expansion convenient. It is safer, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, and provides a more stable and comfortable environment for internal equipment. The application of the integrated management platform allows customers to view the data center environment and equipment operation in real time, which makes the operation and maintenance more convenient.



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