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A company Application Case in Hangzhou
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A company Application Case in Hangzhou

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Customer Background

The project is located on the fifth floor of the office building, with a total computer room area of 106.7 square meters, of which the main equipment area (cold passage placement area) covers an area of 84.7 square feet, which can be arranged with 11 server cabinets, 1 integrated cabling cabinet, built-in UPS cold aisle, the storage battery is placed against the wall on the left side of the room, and 2 row-level air conditioners are equipped in the cold aisle.

Customers have limited funds, so try their best to save the investment of the project on the premise of meeting the business needs.

Customer requirements:

1. It is required to provide a reliable and high-quality computer room environment.

2. The computer room is required to have the capacity of expansion, and the process of capacity expansion is simple and convenient.

3. At least 1 hour of power preparation time is required.

Implementation Situation

Modular architecture, integrated integration, batch copy, on-demand deployment.

According to the actual situation of the enterprise, Li Tang modular data center is adopted to integrate IT cabinet, network cabinet, precision air conditioning, battery cabinet, modular UPS, distribution cabinet, monitoring and so on. Using a unified interface and modular architecture, we can achieve simple construction, batch copy, deployment on demand, form a unified construction standard, and speed up the launch and transformation of the business.

The main computer room adopts single-row sealed cold channel, 11 IT equipment cabinets, 1 100KVA UPS high-frequency machine, and 2 row-level precision air conditioners.

The cabinet is placed in a single row, and the whole cabinet is built in a modular group, arranged and expanded. It adopts full-disassembly and full-module design, which is convenient for transportation and flexible installation.

UPS uses a UPS high-frequency machine to support later capacity expansion, which is convenient and simple, and saves capital investment.

Precision air conditioners use two row-level precision air conditioners, 100% sensible heat ratio, the cooling capacity of one air conditioner can meet the cooling needs of the computer room, the other air conditioner as a redundant configuration, two air conditioners for refrigeration rotation, providing the service life of precision air conditioners.It provides a perfect operating environment for the equipment.

This project adopts modular data center solution and is very popular with customers. It simply transforms the office space of the customer office building and deploys a modular data center, solves the limitations of the customer computer room environment, saves the customer's capital investment and saves the computer room area. 

High-quality delivery: cold aisle, power supply, cooling, cabling, dynamic ring integrated solution, saving 25% of the area. Modular integrated delivery eliminates the engineering differences of the traditional construction mode and ensures the quality of the computer room. The modular configuration makes the later expansion convenient. It is safer, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, providing a more stable and comfortable environment for internal equipment. The computer room can achieve unattended, efficient, intelligent and instrumental operation and maintenance management, improve efficiency by 50%, centralized network management, open interface access to the centralized monitoring system, and achieve centralized intelligent monitoring and management and operation and maintenance of power, environment and security systems.



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