2019 Russia CSTB
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2019 Russia CSTB

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"International Exhibition for Digital broadcasting, cable and satellite TV."

CSTB.TELECOM&MEDIA is a unique international project, the only annual industry event that for more than 20 years brings together in one venue all the experts of the telecom and media industry.Opening the calendar year, the exhibition-forum secured the status of not only providing a launching pad for new projects in the television and telecommunications industry, but also the status of a center for accumulating the main global trends in the global ecosystem of TV viewing and video consumption.Among the exhibitors today you will see not only content producers and, media holdings and TV channels, multiservice operators and telecom companies, but also digital platforms, content aggregators, film companies and production studios, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, IT companies, consulting and analytical agencies and industry associations.

The CSTB. Telecom&Media Exhibition and Forum has long been recognised as the pre-eminent electronic media event of Russia and CIS countries. This year on year success can be directly attributed to the dynamic and foresighted nature of an organisation that has ensured that the fast developing technologies and opportunities relevant to this industry, are readily absorbed and placed at the forefront of all aspects of the exposition planning. This has gained CSTB.Telecom&Media the acclaimed status of being the "window" from which to learn and see what will influence the suppliers, implementers and users in both the immediate and longer term future.

Products / Sectors Digital multi-channel TV, VOD content cable and satellite TV OTT/IPTV interactive services, digital terrestrial TV system integration, telecom technologies, solutions and services cabled networks (FTTx, xDSL, ethernet), mobile communications (equipment and data services), satellite communications, IP-telephony network equipment, telecommunication equipment, Storage (NAS), data storage and processing centers (DATA-centers), software, IT-services, Internet-based technologies and services 

The new CSTB will be held on Jan. 28 - 30, 2020.

Russia CSTB


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