A Hospital Data Centre Application Case
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A Hospital Data Centre Application Case

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Customer Background

A large-scale comprehensive hospital with a history of nearly a century, 100 experts and trusted by people, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. Now it has become a second-class first-level hospital with strong scale and function, complete discipline equipment, advanced medical equipment, superb medical technology and abundant human resources.

The total area of the computer room is about 320 square meters, and the computer room is divided into the following three functional areas:

Main computer room 160m²- core equipment site.

Management room 80m²- workplace for those on duty.

Distribution room 80m²- mainly for UPS and batteries, etc.

The computer room is the place for the hospital to deal with the important medical information data, so the security of the computer room is high, and it is required to set up independent access control and detection and alarm mechanism and have the function of emergency disposal. With the continuous increase of the amount of information, the computer room is required to have the capacity of expansion, and the process of capacity expansion is simple and convenient. The project is in a hurry, and the online time is tight, so timely delivery and rapid deployment are required. The power supply is sufficient and the battery is required to be ready for 30 minutes.

Implementation Situation

A total of 26 IT equipment cabinets are used in the main computer room with double rows of sealed cold passageways. The cabinet is placed in a "face-to-face, back-to-back" way, and the whole cabinet is built in modular groups, arranged and expanded. It adopts full-disassembly and full-module design, which is convenient for transportation and flexible installation.

UPS system uses two UPS high-frequency machines, according to the composition of 2N redundant configuration, even if a UPS has problems, the system can still operate normally.

Precision air conditioners use 4 row-level precision air conditioners, according to the composition of Number1 redundant configuration. With 100% sensible heat ratio, the cooling capacity of three air conditioners can meet the refrigeration needs of the computer room, another air conditioner is used as a redundant configuration, and four air conditioners are used for refrigeration rotation, which ensures the reliability of the refrigeration system and improves the service life of precision air conditioners.

Intelligent management system channel is equipped with one-way card access control, non-staff can not enter; at the same time, access control information is uploaded to the intelligent management platform in real time to record the information of entry and exit personnel. At the same time, there is a camera in the channel, which can view the internal situation in real time.

This project uses modular data center solution to fully meet the needs of customers, this scheme is not only fast construction, but also convenient for later expansion, reaching the advanced level of the industry in terms of safety, reliability and energy saving. This scheme provides a more stable and comfortable environment for the internal equipment of the hospital computer room, and the application of intelligent management platform makes the later operation and maintenance management more convenient and efficient.



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