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Ethernet cable,fiber optic cable,coaxial cable, and another communication products warranty.

1. Definition. 

For the purposes of this warranty, (I) "buyer" means the individual or corporate entity of the applicable purchase order or purchase contract; (Ii) "seller" means the Litang cable; (Iii) "products"means the products manufactured by the seller in accordance with the applicable supply agreement, quotation, order confirmation. And (Iv) "warranty period" refers to one or two years from the date of shipment of the seller's products.

2. Limited Warranty. 

The seller warrants that from the date of delivery, the seller shall have right to the product and shall not be affected by any legal security interest or other factors unknown to the buyer. In addition, during the warranty period, there will be no material or craft defects in the correct and normal use of the product. This warranty applies to all communications products.

3. Inspection. 

If the buyer claims that a product is defective in material or manufacturing process, the seller has the right to inspect the product. If it is true that the seller's product cannot be installed or used because of the quality problem, the two parties can amicably negotiate the best solution.

4. Remedies. 

The seller's only exclusive obligation under this warranty and the buyer's exclusive remedy is for the seller to repair or replace defective Litang products. The seller will reserve the sole discretion to provide the buyer with these remedies. After the seller confirms that the defect is covered by this warranty, the repaired or replaced product will continue the warranty within the original two-year warranty for the remainder of its applicable period.

5. Notice and Waiver.

If the buyer finds any defect in the product, the buyer must immediately (in any case not later than thirty (30) days after discovery) provide the seller with written notice of the alleged defect. The notice shall describe the symptoms of the defect in reasonable detail, and the seller must receive notice within the warranty period of the product. Failure to notify the claim in time will cause the buyer to waive the claim.

6. Exclusions from the Warranty. 

This warranty does not apply to problems attributable to or caused by:
(A).Improper installation or use of cables or other products.
(B).Lack of proper inspection or maintenance, or failure to provide a suitable operating environment.
(C).Power surges, fires, abnormal machinery, physical or electrical pressure, severe weather conditions or natural behaviour, including but not limited to lightning or floods.
(D).The use or operation does not comply with published ratings, specifications or instructions, including but not limited to environmental norms.
(F).Any adjustment, modification, modification, removal or maintenance of any part of the product without the specific written authorization of the seller.
(G).Any type of aesthetic change caused by oxidation or corrosion of sprayed iron or galvanized iron parts, which are installed in exceptionally corrosive marine and marine environments.
(H).Industrial atmosphere (in this case, the only obligation of the seller is to ensure that the product conforms to the material specifications published by the seller).
(J).Improper handling in the process of product transportation.

Non-conforming products shall not be returned to the seller unless:
(I) products are not in use.
(Ii) products are provided in their original packaging.
(Iii) and the product is accompanied by the return authorization of the public and seller.

7.The Limitation of Liability.

In no event shall seller be liable for any special, punitive, consequential or indirect damage caused by buyer or any third party for any reason, including, but not limited to, loss of capital, use, production or profits, even if seller has been advised of the possibility of such damage.
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