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  • Will CAT copper network cable be replaced by optical fiber cable?
    Nowadays, with the continuous emergence of cloud computing, big data, 5G and other new services, the scale of the data center is constantly expanding, its architecture and wiring are becoming more and more complex, and the lightweight and gradually reduced cost of optical fiber cable makes the deman Read More
  • Where to use CAT8?
    There are two different aspects of this problem:A1: Cabling:Because the length of CAT8 / I and II channels is limited to 30m, it is mainly used in data centers, where the traditional 100m complete cabling is not needed.Backbone cabling and access point cabling can also be interesting applications in Read More
  • What is different between CAT8 and CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, CAT7A
    If you are in the network communication industry, I believe you should know some Ethernet cables, such as Category 5E(CAT5E), Category 6 (CAT6)and Category 7(CAT7) and so on. But do you know what Category 8(Cat8 )network cable is? What is the difference between CAT8 and Category 5(CAT5), Category 6 Read More
  • What is different between Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7?
    Nowadays, with the concept of the Internet era gradually taking root in the hearts of the people, our life and the network have gradually become inseparable. First of all, when we talk about the word network, we may first think of network devices, such as switches, routers, fiber optic modem and so Read More
  • Li Tang CAT6 shielded outdoor waterproof and sun-resistant network wire(cable)
    Li Tang CAT6 double shielded outdoor network cable has the dual functions of waterproof and sun-resistant, as well as the advantages of high speed, stability, durability and gigabit speed. the conductor is high-purity refined copper core to ensure high-speed transmission and double-shielded anti-int Read More





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