A Government Application Case
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A Government Application Case

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Customer Background

The data center of the project occupies two rooms in the office building, the floor height is 3.1 meters, and the available space under the beam is 2.8 meters. The total construction area is 260 square meters. It is divided into the following three functional areas:

Main computer room 180m²- core equipment site.

Fire house 40m²- gas fire fighting facility site.

Distribution room 40m²- mainly for UPS and batteries, etc.

The data center in this project needs to ensure that its internal equipment can operate stably for a long time; non-staff are not allowed to enter; post-operation and maintenance management needs to be convenient and simple; it also needs to have the characteristics of green and energy saving.

Implementation Situation

There are 4 double-row cold passageways in the main computer room, 46 IT equipment cabinets are placed face-to-face and back-to-back, and the whole cabinets are built in modular groups and arranged to expand their capacity. It adopts full-disassembly and full-module design, which is convenient for transportation and flexible installation.

UPS uses two UPS high-frequency machines, according to the composition of 2N redundant configuration, even if there is a problem with a UPS, the system can still operate normally.

Precision air conditioners use 4 room-level precision air conditioners, according to the composition of 2N redundant configuration, 100% sensible heat ratio, the cooling capacity of 2 air conditioners can meet the refrigeration needs of the computer room, the pairwise backup for each other, round work, improve the service life of precision air conditioners.

This project uses a modular data center solution to fully meet customer needs and has an advanced level in the industry in terms of safety, reliability and energy saving. This scheme provides a more stable and comfortable environment for internal equipment, and the application of intelligent management platform makes later operation and maintenance management more convenient and efficient



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