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Eva Li  /CEO
Li Huiqun, founder, chairman and CEO of Li Tang Interconnection(litang cable)), was born in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province in 1984, graduated from Jinhua Polytechinc College of Information Engineering in 2005, and worked as a vocational high school teacher in Jinhua Agricultural Machinery School in the same year. She resigned from the school in 2007 and went to Hangzhou to work as a foreign trade salesman. She started her own business in 2010, from the establishment of a foreign trade company to the establishment of a factory. She became addict who is crazy about manufacturing the cables Made in China, devoted to the communication cable industry.Under her leadership, Li Tang no only has the initial coaxial cable products but also has the R&D, manufacturing and sales of communication electronic information products such as fiber optic cable, security cable, intelligence cable, audio and video and control lines, integrated cabling data cables and other signal cables.She always keeps up with technological changes and constantly optimize the product structure, products are widely used in automotive manufacturing, communications and data centers, industrial and medical, high-end consumer electronics, smart home and other fields.
Ms. Li Huiqun has a profound and forward-looking understanding of the development of communication and interconnection industry and technology, as well as a broad strategic vision and pattern. She has always been committed to using communication Internet change the method and speed of transmission in the world, enhance human communication media and improve human communication experience. She Innovatively adopt the factory production and marketing model that built its own brand from the beginning, and pay more high attention to the protection of intellectual property rights from partners and actively fight against infringement and counterfeiting, which also helps Li Tang's products be sold in more than 50 countries and regions on five continents.
Ms. Li Huiqun led Li Tang Interconnection(Litang cable) vigorously develop China's communications manufacturing industry, accurately help the poor, and continue to contribute to society in promoting employment, improving social efficiency and feeding the real economy. At the same time, She actively fulfills social responsibility, participates in social welfare, and achieves good social credibility.
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