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  • A Government Application Case
    Customer BackgroundThe data center of the project occupies two rooms in the office building, the floor height is 3.1 meters, and the available space under the beam is 2.8 meters. The total construction area is 260 square meters. It is divided into the following three functional areas:Main computer r Read More
  • Telecommunications Operators Data Centre Application Case
    Customer BackgroundThe total construction area of the project is about 9444 square meters, with a total of 2361 cabinets, with single and double row closed cold channels in layout, and cabinet-level water cooling in refrigeration.Customer requirements:1. Power supply should be adequate, dual-city po Read More
  • A Hospital Data Centre Application Case
    Customer BackgroundA large-scale comprehensive hospital with a history of nearly a century, 100 experts and trusted by people, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care. Now it has become a second-class first-level hospital with strong scale and functio Read More
  • A company Application Case in Hangzhou
    Customer BackgroundThe project is located on the fifth floor of the office building, with a total computer room area of 106.7 square meters, of which the main equipment area (cold passage placement area) covers an area of 84.7 square feet, which can be arranged with 11 server cabinets, 1 integrated Read More
  • A Road Transport Bureau Data Centre Application Case
    Customer BackgroundThe project is located in Zhejiang Province, the construction area of the computer room is about 76 square meters, including cabinet system, cold aisle closed system, intelligent power distribution cabinet, room-level air-conditioning system and computer room intelligent managemen Read More
  • Third-party data centre application case
    Customer BackgroundThe data center building of the project has a total of 6 floors, each with a floor area of about 220square meters, with a total data center area of about 1320 square meters.The first floor layout consists of 13 double-row closed cold channels, each consisting of 16 cabinets with 8 Read More





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