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A Road Transport Bureau Data Centre Application Case
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A Road Transport Bureau Data Centre Application Case

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Customer Background

The project is located in Zhejiang Province, the construction area of the computer room is about 76 square meters, including cabinet system, cold aisle closed system, intelligent power distribution cabinet, room-level air-conditioning system and computer room intelligent management and control system and related integration work. The data center in this project needs to ensure that its internal equipment can operate stably for a long time; non-staff are not allowed to enter; post-operation and maintenance management needs to be convenient and simple; it also needs to have the characteristics of green and energy saving.

Implementation Situation

Main computer room: 1 double-row cold channel, 14 IT equipment cabinets, 1 UPS, whole cabinet modular group construction, arrangement and expansion. It adopts full-disassembly and full-module design, which is convenient for transportation and flexible installation.

UPS:1 modular host for UPS:

Precision air conditioning: using a room-level precision air conditioner to save early investment.

Each channel is equipped with one-way card access control, non-staff can not enter; at the same time, the channel is equipped with a camera, which can view the internal situation in real time. The outer door of the computer room also uses a credit card / password door, non-staff can not enter, to increase information security.

Modular integrated delivery eliminates the engineering differences of the traditional construction mode and ensures the quality of the computer room. The modular configuration makes the later expansion convenient. It is safer, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, and provides a more stable and comfortable environment for internal equipment.

Data center to achieve all kinds of security protection, access control authority security isolation, to protect the system from physical intrusion, to ensure business security.

Operation and maintenance management is efficient, intelligent and instrumental, improving efficiency by 50%, centralized network management, open interface access to centralized monitoring system, and centralized intelligent monitoring management and operation and maintenance of power, environment and security systems. deeply welcomed and recognized by customers.



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