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Quality Control

LiTang strictly follows ISO9001 quality management system standards for production. We have good equipment and professionally qualified equipment management and production process management personnel. 

In order to ensure that the high quality of Li Tang's Ethernet cable products is stable and achieves excellent performance. 

In order to ensure that the performance and stability of the products meet the standards, we implement the management of incoming material quality control, in-process quality control and outgoing quality control.

1.Incoming Material Quality Control

● Testing all incoming or indirect materials such as weight, appearance, cable, specifications, conductor elongation, wire diameter, eccentricity, etc.
● Referring to the MIL-STD-105D table for sampling material inspection.
● Making sampling plans by checking the historical quality records. 
● Conducting on-site audits of all suppliers.


2.In-Process Quality Control:IPQC (core wire, twisted pair, cable formation, quilt, cable formation)

● Implementing process control to avoid defective products. ·
● Controlling defective parts in process.
● Evaluating the high quality of the core wire(Ethernet cable) during the production process, twisting, cable formation, and the pass rate of the outer sheath to identify the defect rate.
● Continuously improving in-process control to produce perfect Ethernet cable products in high quality.

3.Outgoing Quality Control: OQC

● Using the MIL-STD-105D table for sample inspection of finished products to ensure that the quality meets the standards.
● System audit according to production process flow chart.
● Storage of all finished products.

4.Reliability Test

● Reliability testing is performed according to different Ethernet cables in high quality from different customers demand. ·
● General tests include: variability, vibration, tensile strength, low temperature / high temperature cycle test, insulation, continuity, electrical performance test, NEXT (near segment crosstalk), PS NEXT (power and attenuation-Next), ACR-F (attenuation crosstalk ratio- FEXT), PS ACR-F (power and attenuation crosstalk ratio- FEXT), ACR-N (attenuated crosstalk ratio-Next), PS ACR-N (power and attenuation crosstalk ratio- Next), RL (Return Loss), etc. 
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