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Zhejiang Litang cable has been manufacturing network cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable for 10 years. We can provide professional OEM/ODM services for customers. No matter how big your company is and how much sales are, we will create more opportunities and value for you in cooperation. At the same time, we are also doing OBM.Having our own brand is the only way for Litang cable in the future.

The following describes how we provide OEM/ODM/OBM services, first of all, let's briefly explain their differences and advantages.

What is OEM/ODM/OBM?

A. OEM -Original Equipment Manufacturer was originally called original equipment manufacturing, but now it is called "professional (commissioned) manufacturing the products and labeling the logo ".
The manufacturer is mainly manufacturing, excluding product design, design and formula are provided by the commissioned factory, and earning labor wages.
According to the needs of customers, manufacturers produce products that meet customer requirements, and then label the trademark brand of  customers, which will be sold by customers themselves. As a result, similar goods made by manufacturers who receive orders will be labeled with many different brands. Customers that place OEM orders are based on the cost considerations of saving production costs and part of the management and marketing expenses.
It is necessary to have an abundant labor force and provide the commissioned OEM service for the manufacturing and assembly of products needed in the international market.

B. ODM -Original Design Manufactures "original factory commissioned design"
ODM (Original Design Manufacturer, original design manufacturer). It can provide customers with all the services from product research and development, design, manufacture and after-sale service. Customers only need to put forward the function and performance of the product to the ODM service provider, and even provide the idea of the product, and the ODM service provider can turn the product from a vision into a reality. 
The manufacturer must have the ability of product design, development, production and assembly, and be able to agree on product specifications and carry out product design or improvement with ODM customers.

C.OBM -Original Brand Manufacture 
The manufacturer ’’build own brand’’ and his production, not OEM, which is the brand owner. The manufacturer need to have: marketing channel ability to promote and sell products, develop their own brand image, and then obtain the maximum brand value.

What is the most important difference between OEM/ODM/OBM.

We know that OEM is mainly based on the needs of customers, customers provide design, and factory manufacture, to put it simply, the factory does not have the right of customer brand, nor can it sell customer brand or customized products to other customers, so this reflects the uniqueness of OEM.

Comparing with OEM,ODM involves the unique design of the supplier, the supplier own the design right and the customer could just use this design. The supplier has the right to speak on his own design, but only provides it to the customer. At this time, it is no longer available to one customer, but can also be provided to multiple customers. The difference is that the brand used is different, so it is not unique at this time.

Finally, OBM goes to a higher level than OEM/ODM. Suppliers design their own products, use their own brands and entrust distributor to sell them. At this time, suppliers are selling their own brands. It can be sold to multiple customers, and it is not unique.

What OEM/ODM/OBM services does Li Tang provide?

Regarding OEM, Li Tang can carry on the production according to the cable designed by the customer, of course, we will also carry on the test to meet the international standard.

About OEM,we can customize the products they need according to the design of different customers, brand or non-brand cables can be customized. As long as the reasonable request put forward by the customers can be realized, Li Tang cable can help the customers solve this problems. For the cable, we can print the customer's LOGO on the cable,packaging, price tag, bar code, and for other communication products, we can provide design and production according to the drawings or samples provided by the customers.

About ODM, Li Tang has his own design team, so we can design cables with different requirements in terms of cables, and we can also sell our designed products if customers need them.

About ODM, Litang cable now vigorously promote Litang brand, so we also welcome distributor from all over the world to discuss cooperation, we provide high-quality products and high-quality service, the purpose is to pave the way for us to spread Litang brand in the world in the future.

What is the Advantages of OEM/ODM From Li Tang Cables.

1. Quick Response.
As soon as we receive the customer's customized request, our team will immediately track the OEM/ODM situation, and the sales team will reply to the customers’ request within 30 minutes, and the specific plan will be sent to the customers after discussion.

2. Sample Customization.
After confirming the customer's request, we will arrange the sample customization for the customer to inspect and confirm, and we will keep the sample for production comparison at the same time. If the customer is satisfied with the sample, we will carry on the mass production according to the sample and request. If the customer is not satisfied with the sample, we will re-study the product and manufacturing process and re-proofing to ensure that qualified and satisfactory samples can be received in the shortest time. Our experience tells customer that orders can only be made if they are satisfied.

3. Design Team.
Our team can provide customer with perfect design. If you don't have any designs, only bold ideas, you can communicate with us, tell us your ideas, and we will turn your ideas into reality. At the same time, we can make any form of LOGO, product packaging, label, price tag, bar code and so on. In this way, you can sell your products directly to dealers without having to spend labor, time and energy to deal with them. This will save you a lot of money.

4. Quality Control Strictly.
All production processes are inspected and controlled by our QC team to ensure that the bulk products and samples are consistent, and we can provide shipping inspection reports to ensure that all data are up to standard. Good quality can make the enterprise go further, so we use the quality of our products to win your trust, and you will gain the trust of end users at the same time.
If you would like to have a question then get in touch today, we are ready to assist 24/7.
We welcome your cooperation and we will develop with you.

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