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International Sales Representative (Spanish)

Job Position

International Sales Representative (Spanish)

Job Responsibilities

1. Developing new customers, serving, consolidating and expanding old customers through search engine tools(Google), customs data and exhibitions.
2. Be proficient in all kinds of products of the company, accurately estimating the customer's needs according to the customer's product description, and promoting the completion of the customer transaction.
3. Dealing with customer complaints, reporting the problems reported by customers to the leader and solving them.
4. Achieving the sales target according to the company's requirements, and achieving the daily, weekly and monthly key performance indicators.
5. Submitting sales work report and work summary regularly as required (day, week and month).
6. Cooperating with finance to manage personal accounts receivable and invoices.

Job Requirements

1. Spanish major, with excellent Spanish listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, clear and fluent written language, able to communicate with foreign customers smoothly.
2. Those who have customer resources in the network cable industry or those who have engaged in the sales of communication products such as network cables are preferred, and excellent new graduates are also available.
3. Be good at communication, customer relations keeping, crisis management and emergency resolution.
4. Strong learning ability, communication ability, coordination ability and pioneering ability.
5. Master office software, network communication and application office software.
6. Strong affinity, quick thinking, quick response, careful and careful, serious and responsible, fluent in Mandarin.

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