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Job Responsibilities

1. Statement processing: preparation of reported financial statements, work reports, analysis, data statistics and reporting materials, with the improvement of post-related financial accounting system, financial accounting process system construction;
2. Be able to skillfully use the ERP system to deal with financial accounts to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of basic accounting.
3. Financial analysis: compiling financial analysis reports quarterly, semi-annual and annual, which can accurately analyze the company's financial situation and operating costs, and provide accurate decision-making data for superior leaders.
4. To be responsible for improving the construction of the company's cost accounting system, accurately accounting project costs, organizing regular cost analysis meetings at the company level, and strengthening the cost concept of employees within the company. Continue to put forward effective plans and measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency to the company;
5. Complete the declaration, payment and accounting of tax-related matters in daily business, and cooperate with the completion of annual income tax settlement and external audit. "
6. Prepare and report the company's statistical report and tax report on a monthly basis.
7. Daily examination and bookkeeping of original documents; examination, approval and supervision of payment matters.
8. Other matters arranged by leaders.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, major in accounting or financial management, intermediate or above accounting title is preferred;
2. Having comprehensive financial professional knowledge, accounting handling and financial management experience; familiar with Chinese fiscal and tax laws and regulations. Familiar with domestic accounting standards, excellent professional judgment and rich experience in accounting project analysis;
3. Office software, proficient in the use of financial MS Office financial, tax, audit regulations and policies; proficient in the use of accounting.The application software (user software, etc.); the application software; the application software (user software, etc.).
4. Serious and careful, upright, strong sense of responsibility, have a strong spirit of dedication; have good comprehensive quality, good at humiliation.
5. Good communication and coordination, strong management skills; strong principle, quick and rigorous thinking, down-to-earth work; good at closing.
6. She is a team player and can work under pressure.

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