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Where to use CAT8?
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Where to use CAT8?

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There are two different aspects of this problem:

A1: Cabling:

Because the length of CAT8 / I and II channels is limited to 30m, it is mainly used in data centers, where the traditional 100m complete cabling is not needed.

Backbone cabling and access point cabling can also be interesting applications in regular enterprise buildings. The backbone of many buildings is less than 30 meters, and many indoor access points do not require very long cables. It can be predicted that the speed of access points will exceed 10Gbit / s in the future, so better cabling is needed than CAT6A.

For families, some applications may also be catalysts for high-speed structured cabling. The typical length of cabling in a home is roughly the same as that of a data center, so "CAT8" may also become a future-oriented cabling choice for families. Especially in terms of sustainability, home cabling is long-term or permanent, and the highest available performance is appreciated.


A2: Ethernet speed:

The most common application is 40GBase-T.

[MK1] IEEE has a relatively new action, 25GBase-T Ethernet speed.

It turns out that 25GBase-T will actually find more supporters than 40GBase-T.



Firstly, the reason is the cost. The production cost of 25GBase-T transceivers is lower than that of 40Gbase-T.

Secondly, is speed aggregation. In the data center, the next higher speed is 100Gbit / s Ethernet, usually on fiber optic cabling. It is easier to aggregate 4 x 25Gbit / s into a single 100Gbit / s line than to aggregate a 40Gbit / s line into a 100Gbit / s line.

At present, there are two CAT 8 testing instruments on the market, one is FLUKE DSX-8000, and the other is SOFTING WX4500. If you prefer for the famous brand you could choose DSX-8000, If you prefer for the competitive price you could choose WX4500. 


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